12 comments on ““Guild Wars 2” Preview from the June 2012 Beta Live on AS!

  1. It all sounds cool… But I really have to get my hands on it to see. I read through the piece and you are certainly excited, so I will end up buying the game. However, I’ve been burned before so I’m staying cautiously optimistic.

    By the way – The Elder Scrolls online is using a similar skills system to Guild Wars 2. One could say it is copied, but I doubt it. Basically you have limited number of slots, and each weapon opens up different skills. Plus certain skills on weapons don’t open up until after you used it awhile.

    I didn’t know this until the other day, but TES Online has been in production for five years. I’m starting to think it’ll be the prime competitor for GW2.

    I know i’ll end up with both, heh.

    • A friend gave me a copy of a recent Game Informer (June 2012, I think) and it talked about TESO and from all the stuff I saw in the magazine it does seem like it’s been in the works for a while, indeed. If it will take some of the ideas that are making GW2 awesome and bring them into the universe of TES, it certainly will have potential and certainly could compete with GW2.

      Sadly, I don’t see too many other games on the market that will really be fair competition for the game. Sure, WoW, but that doesn’t really count, LOL. :P

      • Well many of the concepts that TESO is using actually stem from the Single Player game. I think it is more a conicedence they seem like what GW2 is using, mainly because of the length the game has been in development. Yes, that article is the one I read – it says five years. So basically both GW2 and TESO have had around the same development time.

        And Not to sound…cynical, but I’m very cautious about GW2. I’ve heard the same type of praise heaped on The Old Republic, for instance, before it came out. So i’m still going to take a wait and see attitude with both games.

    • If you are on the fence a bit, some good advice that was told to me by a friend would be to simply not pre-order it. Also, don’t just run out and buy it on release day. The reason for the second of these things is that, A.) The servers will be swamped anyway for at least the first week and so it might be annoying to begin with, and B.) It will give you time to read various reviews or just personal opinions and see what the final take is. Then you can decide whether to fork over the $60 for the game. :P

      • Oh I’ll get it. I’ve read enough reviews to know I want to try it. But I also know that reviews aren’t always a good barometer in deciding if a game is good or not. I’ve played games I’ve loved that got crappy reviews or people hated (Far Cry 2 has a huge population of haters hating it, for instance) and I’ve played well reviewed games I thought were crap. So yah… I just need to play it. I don’t buy new games often so it won’t be a big deal. I doubt I’ll hate the game regardless, I just see the hype machine really getting started and that makes me cautious.

  2. A while ago some of my friends tried to get me to play Rift. After playing titles like Lineage II and Shaiya over the years, I wasn’t very impressed with Rift.

    Guild Wars II, on the other hand, looks so beautiful and the PvP!

    Nice article and screen shots BTW Allahweh.

  3. Read your full article; good stuff! I knew most of the info so it wasn’t a big revelation for me as I’m already super-excited about this game (even more so since D3 has dropped and is already getting a little boring).

    You had some great screenshots btw. I love the scale of the cities and environments in GW2.

    • I wish I had the time to upload all the pics – I took around 400 pics in full 1920×1080, and some of them were fantastic! I had to carefully choose what made it into that article, and also what even made it to the little picture overflow thing!

      I am super-excited as well, and cannot wait to play!

      I know you like RPGs – I was curious if you actually RP in any of these games you play?

      • I don’t have any games I RP in at the moment but I’ve done it in the past. I just haven’t come across any games that I love that also have a strong RP community. I tried a bit in WoW when I used to play and that as a disaster.

        A few years back I used to play MUDs a bit and did all my role playing there. Mostly Lusternia. Did you ever play?

    • I know what MUDs are and have dabbled in them some time ago, but have not heard of the one you are talking about. And RP in an actual MMO is kind of hit or miss…Usually it works for me because I have some good friends that I tend to play the same games with and so we will RP there (even if there’s not much of an RP community we just make our own guild and do it ourselves), so that tends to work out!

      You can check it out if you want at:


      I am hoping though that GW2 will present the chance for RP!

      • I think with GW2 you’ll have to get a role playing guild set up, and then you can hopefully try to just interact with that group. I haven’t heard anything about them setting up a dedicated roleplaying server, but who knows it might happen.

    • Very true, although I don’t need an RP server. With a game like GW2, I want to be on a server that is well-rounded when it comes to PvP and PvE, and in my experience many RP servers are very limited since most people just quest together or do stories together, and so yes, I can just create an RP guild or find one.

      I’ve got my own RP site anyway at:


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