7 comments on ““The Gaming Goddess” Podcast – Season 2, Episode 9: “Enemy Unknown”

  1. I am currently OBSESSED with Xcom. My favorite genre in all of videogames is turn-based strategy, and this game does it so well. Believe the hype…it’s special.

      • Oh? You’re into turn-based strategy games? Didn’t know that.

        Well, if you do, play it on Classic mode.

        Well, that’s what I WANT to say. Fact is, Classic mode may ruin your gaming experience unless you like hardcore games like me. The game is KICKING MY BHIND.

        …and I love every second of it. So complex. So deep. So lovely.

        Get it.

        — 12

    • I do like strategy games when they are done well, yes, and having heard so many good things about XCOM it does make me want to play it.

      Are the older games worth looking into?

      • I’ve neeeeever played the older games because they were PC. I regret this now. I’ve told you a few times that I’m totally a console gamer…every now and then, I get hurt by this. =) If I had known that there was a turn based strategy series of this quality back then!

        So, I don’t know about the older games at all. This is my first XCom game ever. –12

      • I’ve always had a PC…just never had a *gaming* PC. We’ve had this discussion, haha.

        I’m currently playing XCom on my PS3. And although I just lost 3 countries from the alliance, don’t look now but I think I may actually have a game that can survive the invasion! I just made beam weapons, have developed a (currently) good flanking strategy, and my finances look ok!

        Maybe on my 14th try, I can make it!

        (By the way, as I told you over Twitter, there is an official IronMan Mode in this game. Every choice I make affects me, and if its dumb, I suffer…or die. I play IronMan mode on Classic difficulty. Very hardcore. That’s why this is my 14th try…haha)


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