7 comments on “Flirting with STO

    • Yeah, quite true. I’m not really searching for another MMO or something, just today I got to thinking about it for some reason, you know? But regardless, you’re right, there are so many other games to play or things to do, that STO probably ranks pretty darn low on the list! :P

      • I can relate to why you want to go back. Probably a bit of longing for the good times that were had there. You could go back and have fun, i’m sure, but I doubt you’ll ever be able to recreate what you had. Kind of like me and Second life.

      • Wow, that’s a pretty deep and profound point, Warren.

        You are right, I am sure that on some level, it is about rekindling the fun that was had there. I am enjoying GW2, don’t get me wrong, but STO was a game I met some fun people and had a good time in, and it was fun while it lasted. Sure, things kind of fell apart there, as they are want to do, but it was a game that could produce a good time. Maybe I do kind of long for that concept, not the game itself, right?

        I totally get your feelings on Second Life though, and in your case, it was like an addiction you didn’t want to feed anymore. Do you ever play it anymore or have you totally swore it off?

      • I do play it, but not really anywhere near like I used to. I’ve had a character in the world for like um… 9 years in october of this year. Mainly I am in there for friends and such I don’t have contact with anywhere else. Old friends.

        I do occasionally see the world but it doesn’t have anywhere near the hold on me it once did. Plus you can get some killer deals on audio streaming services for music in world :)

  1. I played STO at launch, but dropped it quickly so I cannot comment on any new features they have introduced. The space combat wasn’t my cup of tea and the landing missions needed polish. I suppose there is no harm going back to it as it is free to play these days.

    • True enough. Though since I value my time pretty highly, I am not sure that STO is even worth the space on the hard-drive these days. I could be wrong though, LOL

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