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Here is the current archive of all podcasts related to Allahweh’s Domain.  These files are all in MP3 format and can be streamed from most browsers with little trouble.


“THE GAMING GODDESS” is a podcast run by myself centering on video games (retro and current), game news, game culture, music, tech stuff, and general geekiness.  It also includes personal rants about real-life now and then.

All episodes linked below can be found on Podcast Garden and are available on iTunes!

SEASON 9 (2016):

SEASON 8 (2015):

SEASON 7 (2015):

SEASON 6 (2014):

SEASON 5 (2014):

SEASON 4 (2013):

12 comments on “Podcast Archives

    • Haha! I hope you enjoy it! The show has certainly come a long way since Season 1, both in terms of show quality and even technical quality (audio bugs fixed, better sound quality, better microphone, etc.). =^.^=

  1. From 01-01 to 01-17, there’s definitely a huge change in terms of a structure to the show. The long podcasts are amazing for stuff when I need some background conversation when I\m playing some games. I don’t like being bored in a video game, so podcasts usually would help with that!

  2. I’ve listened to 2 of your episodes so far the first of season 3 and the last. I enjoyed both. both were very informative and your voice has a calming effect on me for some reason. I to do a podcast and was considering throwing my a request in to be a guest, but that was before you explained a few things in the last episode. I will continue to listen to the rest of episodes and can’t wait for your 4th season.

    • Thanks for listening in, and I’m glad you are enjoying them!

      What did I explain that made you say you’d wait? :P Sometimes it’s hard for me to even remember what I covered in these episodes!

      I’ve also been doing a lot of live-streaming (with guests too), so check those out too sometime!

      And…I’ve added your site to my blogroll! :)

      • Oh thanks for adding the BSB. if ever you listen to other podcast it would mean alot to me if you listen to one of ours i’d love some feedback from someone who’s podcast i’ve grown to love only after 3 episodes. About what made me excited for your next season it was just the relaxing way you do your podcast, your tone is soothing. I also loved the nerdy but flirty episode the most it actually got me to go over to their site and leave a comment on Kurosune’s article. I also enjoyed the podcast you did speaking about violence and gaming, to which i think it should just be proper parenting and we will all be fine.

    • Thanks. I definitely will listen to your show sometime! I’ve just been so busy lately. But, I’m glad you are enjoying it. I try to make it relaxing and fun, just like I do with my gaming videos and streams. I think it should all be about friends sitting around and enjoying a game (or a relaxing conversation) together, basically. I hope that comes off that way, and I am glad that you enjoy it and that you find it soothing and enjoyable!

      I am also going to mention your site/show in the next episode :)

  3. I just got to listen to episode 1 of season 4 yesterday. It was just what i needed to light that fire under me to do another podcast. I’ve been putting off doing another podcast for many of the reasons you described in the episode and I just like the way you described it in detail because a lot of people don’t understand the amount of work that goes into making a podcast and not they do, somewhat. Oh and thanks for the shout out I Will be sure to return the favour on the next BSP.

    • I’m glad it was a motivation for you! Yes, so much work goes into these things and I think few people understand this. They just get impatient wanting to know when the next podcast will be or when the next video or live-event (another complicated thing in itself that bears discussing too!) will be, and they don’t realize that tons of preparation time goes into these things, plus editing, publishing, etc. And when it comes to video, there are hours and hours of transcoding (even with a super GPU) involved before you can get it ready to upload! :)

      I also will be happy to talk perhaps with you sometime about something collaborative or some sort of affiliation too :)

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