3 comments on ““Final Fantasy XIV” is STILL Free-to-Play!

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  2. Slow and sluggish responce time to making the game more fun? Well if ya ever needed more proof that developers actually play their game, there ya go! Their game-making abilities perfectly match the gameplay of the very game they are trying to improve😀

    They should just open an item shop and be done with it already. It’s not like the rest of Sony had a great year or anything. (PSN, for example…)

  3. Previously at launch this game sucked so hard. After these updates I enjoy this game so much. The balance and crafting is awesome. Battle system is a lot of fun and exciting. Quest system, and the over all world is just a blast to be in. Try it now, I am sure you’ll enjoy this if you are looking for a fun alternative to WOW or simply are like me and don’t care for…

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