5 comments on ““Star Trek Online” Going Free-to-Play by Year’s End!

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  2. I just heard this today too, before seeing you mentioning it oddly, heh. I imagine they will use the CO model for F2P cause it is working tremendously well for them.

    In that model there is free services, and premium services for some who choose to pay for them, and the C-store becomes more focused on where money is made. Lifetimers in CO also get a monthly stipend of C-point I am told.

    If this system is used in STO it will work just fine.

    Also I have to point out again Jess, game gets better every update. I don’t consider it as bland now.. but maybe I just really liked Season 4, lol. Still do more roleplay than anything anyway.

    • Well, I don’t know much about Perfect World’s other games, but I think they don’t have any subscriptions and instead focus all their attention on additional content purchases…That’s why I was wondering if they’d force things that way instead. But the issue there is what they would do for those that had a lifetime sub that hadn’t gotten its money back.

      Either way, I’m sure they will figure something out.

      Yes, it does seem to be coming along. Yet, even if the game goes F2P I doubt I will return to it, LOL. I mean, it’s not like you can swap servers and start anew.

  3. All the better, I says. A F2P game is like a magnet for gamers as of late. I know if it was not for that very model I never would have tried DDO, and thank heavens I never tried it before then, or after haha But yes, if a game like DDO can make it on F2P in it’s… condition, anything can make it. From what I’ve heard about STO it looks a lot better, so I hope it makes them gobs of cash to keep the players happy with far into the future. Would have been better if the original company did it first to keep those jobs, but eh. Bidness is bidness I suppose:/

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