5 comments on ““Hyrule Historia” Presents an Official Zelda Timeline!

  1. I am glad to see an alternative to branch 3
    everywhere I go is saying that Link died in OoT making branch 3
    Your solution makes more sense

    • My problem with the “Link died” idea is that there is no evidence to support such a claim. I base things on canon facts, and I think this explanation makes logical sense and scientific sense. Three distinct times are created when he takes up the sword: The time he left behind in order to go to the future, that future itself, and a “new past.” I can’t think of a better way to explain it.

      Also, this idea of the timelines works thematically. One is for the ocean-themed games, one for newer games like Twilight Princess, and the other is for the older 2D games. It works out nicely.

      Thanks for the kind words!:)

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    • LOL…Well, it seems pretty apparent the CD-i games are set sometime after Zelda 2, or at least after Zelda 1, just because they are based on the Cartoons and Link, Zelda, and the King already have pre-existing relationships. This said, there are a lot of issues with that. Ganon is “dead” after Zelda 1 because Link defeats him and takes the Triforce away, and all of Zelda 2 is threatening at Ganon’s return. So, how can he be around in the CD-i games? Hmmmm…But this is also an issue with the Cartoon as well, so…Yeah =P But the games *are* licensed, therefore semi-official, even if they were not included in the book, so they cannot be 100% discounted.

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