5 comments on “[Canon Questions] The Earth of “Sonic the Hedgehog”

    • So, based on all of this, do you think that the games (not the comics) take place in the future? I think they do, and probably around the same era as the comics (thousands of years from now), but the interpretation of events and all is different in the comics (because, let’s face it, the comics have been around for about 20 years now and so they have a much more involved story to tell).

  1. I always assumed future timeline and that the continents looked different due to standard continental drift.. they are moving after all. Never would have assumed aliens doing it or anything like that, heh.

    • According to the official wiki, like I said, the United Federation is “a future version of the USA.” So that alone leads me to think it is simply sometime in the somewhat distant future.

      The comics talk about aliens attacking Earth in the 21st century after one of Robotnik’s distant relatives dissects one of their emissaries, the result of which leads to biological weapons that have the after-effect of slowly evolving animal life. But again, that’s the comics, and that arc really doesn’t fit with any evidence from the game.

      Now, that’s not to say that the comics are completely inaccurate as Archie has incorporated the stories of all the major games, but things like Station Square being underground and the like simply is not the case in the games.

      I think though that yeah, it is the future, probably 14,016 AD is a date that works as well as anything else, but the Xorda and Overlanders and all of that simply are not part of the universe of the games.

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