About Allahweh


I’m Jessica.

I’ve been a gamer since my parents first brought home the original NES when I was a little kid in the 1980s. I first got into the world of “game journalism” back in 2011 with the now-defunct Game Theory Magazine and since that time I’ve gone on to work with or manage a variety of outlets. Currently, I write and produce media for a variety of communities (more on that in a bit), but I find that I’m more of a critic and enthusiast these days. Allahweh’s Domain is my personal “hub site,” and here you’ll find all kinds of articles, musings, theories, canon questions, tech rants, reviews, videos, previews, and more. Cross-promotion of my content on other sites will happen from time to time too. I’ll also pepper in some real-life posts now and then since this site also is a “blog” of sorts.

My gaming tastes have developed over the years from being a console gamer, a PC gamer, and now a bit of both (but mostly PC). I enjoy retro stuff just as much as modern titles. I’m also a big fan of indie games, though make no mistake – I definitely enjoy my AAA games. Sometimes, I even dabble in multiplayer games and MMORPGs when the mood strikes.

I’m transgendered and living in Mississippi of all places, so here and there I’ll share some of my thoughts on various social justice issues. I’m not an in-your-face “social justice warrior,” though, but I do like to provoke consideration and positive discussion. I like to make people reconsider some things they’ve always held in a different light. How else can we invoke change? Certainly, beating people over the head isn’t really the solution.

All opinions shared here are my own and have nothing to do with any other community or organization that I’m part of, professional or otherwise.

For the curious, my handle originated several years ago when I was looking to come up with a unique online name. It’s a sign of religious unity and acceptance (Allah + Yahweh = Allahweh), not an endorsement of any specific faith! People ask me this quite often, so I wanted to get that out there.😛

Beyond the tech and gaming fields, I’m an officer in the military. I’ll leave it at that for now, but you may see me discuss that side of things from time to time!

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