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My name’s Jessica…

It’s always hard to find a good way to sum myself up within a reasonable character limit, but I’ll try my best here.

I’ll start by saying that I identify as genderqueer and am transgender myself, so from time to time I talk about this journey and about civil rights as a whole. I enjoy making people think and challenging gender and social norms. I am also a champion for equal rights and am not afraid to speak out when required or to defend those unjustly persecuted. Still, I am very respectful of all people.

I was originally born up in New Jersey and would have easily classified myself as a city girl while growing up, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate.  In fact, my parents tried to keep me physically active and involved in outdoor activities, especially taking little weekend trips to go hiking, fishing, camping, and the like.  Yet, living in the area near New York City provided me with many cultural benefits that I am thankful for, and I still miss living up there.

I possess the equivalent to an Associates in Computer Engineering, a Bachelors in History, and a Masters in History with a focus on International Security and Internal Safety (yeah, heavy stuff!).  I even possess an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree!  I did a stint with an organization called ASEAN back in my graduate school days, and now, after some soul-searching, I find myself working for the Guard here in Mississippi, ranked as a Lt. Colonel, currently assigned as my state’s Finance Officer and Assistant Personnel Officer. Through the Guard, I am qualified in Intelligence, as a Military Police Officer, and an Advanced Medical Specialist/Combat Medic.

Work-wise I also serve as the Administrative Officer for the The Button Smashers, a founder of Zero Friction, plus I am a writer for Nerdy But Flirty. I do regular live-streams, videos, and podcasts for myself and my site affiliates as well.  Lately I have also found myself working as a free-lance editor and writer in the professional and academic arenas. 

I also, in addition to all of that, take care of my daughter during the day!

I currently reside in the central Mississippi area within a reasonable drive of most of the family, and despite all the things that people like to say about the South, I think it’s rather grown on me.

As an interesting tidbit, for fun in 2014 I obtained the title of Großherzogin von Bayreuth!

When not involved in work related stuff or taking care of my daughter, I enjoy playing and collecting video games (I’ve got well over 1,000 physical copies of games), photography, going on hikes or other outdoorsy things, taking trips and weekend getaways, catching a good movie, catching up on our TiVo, curling up with a good book, role-playing (especially in an MMO or forum-based environment), and, of course, spending time with family and friends.

I guess for the sake of narcissism I can list any awards/features my site receives right here:


If you wish to get in touch with me, for any particular reason, here are your best bets:


Want to play a game with me?  If so, here are some of my accounts for online games I currently play (at least occasionally):

  • XBOX LIVE ID: allahweh@hotmail.com (GamerTag is “Allahweh”)
  • 3DS FRIEND CODE: Coming Soon!!

19 comments on “About Allahweh

  1. Holy cow, that’s a mouthful of a job description! I have no idea what it means, but that battalion part certainly sounds impressive😀

    Mississippi, eh? Kinda sad that it took me a second to recall that there is more than just a river named that haha The Misses and I both have family in the south. For her it’s Kentucky, for me it’s a mix between Georgia and Florida. Must have something to do with the warmer atmosphere.

    Speaking of which, you and your gals safe after that nasty weather we got earlier this week? I’m still hoping for 40 degree weather for as long as I can if only to prevent further Mother Nature nastiness from forming and approaching. No bueno stormy weather >.<

    One thing that I might have missed, though, is that you did not mention how your handle is pronounced. Right now I'm reading it as Ah-la Way. Is that correct?

    • First, thanks for pointing out that blurb about my work with the military! In fact, within the last month or so I’ve been promoted up to Executive Officer (2nd-in-command) of my unit, so it’s been a good bit of work, but very enjoyable. I’ve just been balancing time between that, my eBay work, and possibly writing a set of books (talking to a publisher about that now).

      The weather here has been interesting. This past Monday (April 4) we had storms with winds between 70-100 mph! Thankfully, no damage to our home or anything like that! And…I do enjoy storms, as long as no one gets hurt! Now it’s very nice outside again.

      The avatar image is of a character in a Japanese doujin-game called “Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem,” which is a Castlevania-inspired game in the Touhou universe.

      My handle is pronounced “Allah Way,” and is basically a mish-mash of Allah and Yahweh, just to show my belief in a more universalist approach to religion!:)

      • Grats on the promotion, Executive Officer! That reminds me of a teacher I used to have for History class. He was recently promoted at the time to Staff Sergeant. Was the first time I heard of that rank even existing, though ironically, many guys in class that joshed him for what they thought was a goofy-sounding title, ended up enlisting after 9/11.

        Allah-way is shall be pronounced, then! I thought that was about right, but did not want to say something that might have offended if I was wrong. (As I know personally quite a few people who freak the heck out if you pronounce their name wrong, or shorten it to something they deem undesirable.) Glad to see people keeping an open mind!

      • It’s funny, because before I received my commission I had just attained the rank of Staff Sergeant! But, about 2 months after that I got promoted on up to First Lieutenant (not Second), mainly due to having a Master’s degree. But, having been on the enlisted side of things, I have total respect for enlisted people and NCOs, and Staff Sergeant is a pretty good rank, for sure!

  2. Awesome site Allaweh! I’ve put you in my rss feeds, haha!
    Check out my sites too at thegeekaround.wordpress.com or minecraftaround.wordpress.com, see if you like them!

  3. Heh… In a previous job I worked in a mixed civilian/Marine office at Quantico. I (civilian) was the youngest and newest, and I somehow ended up answering the phone for the office most of the time. Doing that I was addressed as “Captain” and as “Gunny”. To this day I think the “Gunny” was the higher complement if someone had to make a mistake…. ;P

    • Well, a Gunny usually knows a heck of a lot more than a Lieutenant or Captain, so in many ways it is more of a compliment. I know that on paper a 2LT outranks even a Sergeant Major, but it’s almost always in the best interest of the junior officer to listen to their senior NCOs!:)

    • Yay! Thanks for the nomination! I replied to your post on your site too!

      Now, I just need to come up with 15 other bloggers to share this with!:)

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  5. Hey there Allahweh, just wanted to say I really like your blog. The design is awesome! Also I’m digging your posts about technology as well. That’s quite a resume you have. Anyway keep up the good work, considered yourself followed haha.

    • Thank you very much, Lucas! I always appreciate good, positive feedback like that, and I am definitely pleased you enjoy the diversity of the blog and in particular the tech pieces.:)

      I’m by no means a tech wizard or anything, but I definitely enjoy learning and studying things, and have a passion for computers.

      Thank you for the feedback!:) I see you have a blog but haven’t touched it in around 2 years – any plans to bring it back, or if not, what are you working on these days?

      • Hmmm that’s odd. When I click on my name it takes me to my old blog. Anyway I started a new blog for some reason called nerdsarecool.co where I’ve just started doing a couple game reviews a week but I want to do more feature and news stuff later on. Right now I’m a sub at the Sunraysia Daily but I also happen to be writing a weekly gaming column for them which I’ll be promoting on my blog as well.

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